Muscle Injury

Liverpool muscle injury treatmentsA muscle injury or “pulled muscle” can result in muscle pain, weakness and reduced muscle performance. Here at Physio Liverpool our expert team are ready to get you back on track.

Muscle Injury Types

The most common muscle injury can be to the hamstrings, thigh (quadriceps), calf, and low back musculature. Muscle tears can range from a :

  • Strain (grade one)
  • Moderate tear (grade two)
  • Rupture (grade three)

Muscle Injury Management

Treatment options vary depending on the severity of your strain or tear. Best management of a muscle injury is now guided by the acronym POLICE an evolution of the old PRICE regime.

  • Pressure
  • Optimal
  • Load
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

Here at Physio Liverpool we manage a muscle injury via a well-researched and 5 step process:
To get that muscle injury sorted once and for all and to then commence rehabilitation programme aimed at returning you to your sport and also reducing the risk of injury re occurrence.

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